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BioE Communication Lab

The Comm Lab offers workshops and peer-to-peer coaching for graduate-level writing and communication tasks.

We bring a discipline-specific perspective to assisting you with the task at hand –whether you’re working on a manuscript, poster, presentation, or other project!

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Comm Lab Fellows

Yasmeen Farra Yasmeen Farra is a 3rd year Bioengineering PhD candidate in Dr. Chiara Bellini’s lab. Her research examines cardiovascular disease associated with inhalation of harmful fine particles from a biomechanical perspective. Beyond the lab she is passionate about effective science communication and the positive influence science can have on policymaking. She is first author on a publication (currently under review) with a second on the way and several works in progress.
Aleksandra Petelski Aleksandra Petelski is a third-year PhD student in Dr. Nikolai Slavov’s Laboratory. She is interested in researching the heterogeneity of ribosomes in addition to answering relevant biological questions on the single cell level. Before Northeastern, Aleksandra had a variety of research and work experiences, from working in a molecular biology laboratory to optimizing additive manufacturing of medical implants. She continues to contribute to peer-reviewed papers and writing grant proposals, and strongly believes that communication is key to discovering new scientific principles and progressing research.