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Sumner Barenberg

Professor of the Practice, 

Design Medical Implants; Medical Implant Due Diligence; Biomaterials, Biopolymers, Biomemetics, Polymer Physics; Biodegradation; Interfacial Phenomena, Chemotaxis, Accelerated Aging

Sidi A. Bencherif

Assistant Professor, 
Chemical Engineering

polymer chemistry and engineering; biomaterials; biomedical engineering; drug delivery; tissue engineering; regenerative medicine; immunotherapy; immunoengineering; vaccines

Deniz Erdogmus

Professor and Vice Chair of Research, 
Electrical and Computer Engineering

machine learning, signal and image analytics, cyber-human systems

Edgar D. Goluch

Associate Professor, 
Chemical Engineering

detection of biomolecules at the nanoscale in micro and nanofluidic channels; biophysics; micro and systems biology; environmental sensing; analytical instrumentation

Jiahe Li

Assistant Professor, 

Oral vaccine, host and oral microbiome interactions, microbiome engineering, and protein engineering-based cancer immunotherapy

Lee Makowski

Professor and Chair, 
jointly appointed in Bioengineering & Chemistry and Chemical Biology

image and signal processing as applied to biophysical data designed to answer fundamental questions about the molecular basis of living systems, and progression of Alzheimer's Disease

Mona Minkara

Assistant Professor, 

Using computational methods, such as Monte Carlo and molecular dynamics simulations, to obtain a fundamental understanding of molecular interactions that occur at biological interfaces, such as the pulmonary surfactant system

Jessica Oakes

Assistant Professor, 

pulmonary physiology, biofluids and transport phenomenon, computational biomechanics, magnetic resonance imaging, multi-scale modeling

Mary Jo Ondrechen

Affiliated Faculty, 

Enzyme catalysis; functional genomics; modeling of enzyme substrate interactions; drug discovery; bioinformatics; protein design

Jeffrey W. Ruberti


tissue engineering of load-bearing matrix (bone, cornea); bioreactor design; multi-scale mechanobiochemistry; statistical mechanics; energetics microscopy; high-resolution imaging; biopolymer self-assembly

Nikolai Slavov

Assistant Professor, 
Bioengineering Department

Single-cell proteomics, Ribosome-mediated translational regulation, quantitative systems biology, mass-spectrometry

Eduardo Sontag

University Distinguished Professor, 
jointly appointed in Electrical and Computer Engineering & Bioengineering

Feedback control theory, systems biology, cancer, and biomedicine
Nian Sun

Nian X. Sun

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Magnetic, ferroelectric and magnetoelectric materials; RF/microwave magnetic and magnetoelectric devices design, fabrication and testing; materials properties at RF/microwave frequency; range self-assembly of magnetic nanostructures