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Apr 10, 2009

Engineers make the World a Better Place

By becoming an engineer, you have an excellent opportunity to develop and improve the way we live our lives. Three engineering students were recently interviewed by Network World to share their thoughts on how Northeastern has prepared them for their careers.

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Dec 05, 2008

Prof. Niedre Finds Early Photon Imaging Detects Lung Cancer

A novel, high-resolution fluorescence imaging system may be used to detect lung cancer at early stages.


Jul 17, 2008

Engineering Design Project Helps Launch Startup

Student class project catalyst for creation of innovative biotech instrument company Boston, Mass. – Student projects that attract venture capital money and launch startup companies are rare. A group of Northeastern University students have defied the odds when they helped to invent a biotech instrument that two years later turned into a company. CryoXtract Instruments, […]

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