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Apr 03, 2019

Co-op at SeLux

Written by Noah Miller, a fourth year bioengineering student. About Noah Miller is a 4th year bioengineering major with a concentration in biomedical devices and a minor in computer science. He is currently on co-op at SeLux Diagnostics for the second time. Co-op at SeLux SeLux is a Diagnostic Device Start-up with a focus in Antibiotic […]


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Mar 13, 2019

Discovering My Path with Co-op and Study Abroad

Written by Taylor Duckworth, BS in Bioengineering student. About Taylor Duckworth is a 4th year Bioengineering student with a concentration in medical devices, currently on co-op at Sage Product Development. This is her third and final co-op. The first two were at Liberating Technologies, Inc. (LTI), and the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering, respectively. […]


Feb 28, 2019

My Most Memorable Co-op Experience

Written by Jeffrey Marchioni, a fourth year Bioengineering student. About Jeffrey Marchioni is a fourth year Bioengineering student with an Environmental Science Major. He is currently on his third and final co-op at Compass Therapeutics exploring antibody biology and autoimmune disease systems. He reflects on his most memorable experiences on his previous co-op at Anne-Laure […]


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Feb 13, 2019

My Co-ops Shaped My Career Path

Written by Kaely Gallagher is a 5th year Bioengineering major concentrating in Cell and Tissue Engineering, previously a Mechanical Engineering major. Kaely chose this major because she was interested in both aerospace and medicine, and felt that mechanical engineering was a broad enough field that could set her future up for either path. Kaely explored […]


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Feb 06, 2019

Creating a Lasting Impact

Written by Alex Spak, a BS student in bioengineering. About Alexandra Spak is an undergraduate student majoring in Bioengineering with a concentration in Cell and Tissue Engineering. She was one of the recipients of the Undergraduate Research and Creative Endeavors (URGCE) Awards in 2018. Creating a Lasting Impact I am working on a project that […]


Dec 12, 2018

Northeastern’s First Mitchell Scholar and More

Was recently one of only 12 students nationally selected as a George J. Mitchell Scholar. He is also a recipient of the prestigious Barry Goldwater Scholarship and the 2019 Harold D. Hodgkinson Achievement Award—one of the highest honors a senior can receive.


Nov 15, 2018

Dream Co-op to Full Time Job

“I’m using my undergrad experience and my graduate experience that I built upon for my professional experience,” said Vineel Kondiboyina, MS, Bioengineering 2018. For many students, it is a dream to co-op with a company, end up loving the experience, and later ending up working for that company full time. For Vineel Kondiboyina, that is […]


Sep 14, 2018

‘Experience Abroad Was Invaluable’

Written by Emma Boutcher, a senior BS student in bioengineering. Emma Boutcher, a senior BS student in bioengineering, remembers New Student Orientation like it was yesterday. I remember my anticipation for what lay ahead, the possibilities promised by Northeastern’s Co-op Program. I remember leaning over to my friend Rosie as we sat in Ell Hall […]