2022 Stanford University Annual Assessment of Author Citations

The following COE professors are among the top scientists worldwide selected by Stanford University representing the top 2 percent of the most-cited scientists with single-year impact in various disciplines. The selection is based on the top 100,000 by c-score (with and without self-citations) or a percentile rank of 2% or above. The list below includes those who published a paper in 2022 or later.

World’s Top 2% Scientists is a list compiled by experts at Stanford University, based on data from Elsevier’s Scopus, and published in PLOS Biology Journal. The Top 2% is based on the academics’ scientific achievements measured by the bibliometric index. The evaluation criteria include the H-index, the impact factor, total citations (including self-citations), co-authorship-adjusted hm-index, etc.

Stojanovic, MilicaECE
Torchilin, Vladimir P.ChE
Lewis, KimBioE
Sontag, Eduardo D.ECE
Karma, AlainBioE
Fu, YunECE/Khoury
Amiji, Mansoor M.ChE
Jornet, Josep M.ECE
Wanunu, MeniBioE
Eckelman, MatthewCEE
Zhu, H. L.MIE
Helmuth, BrianCEE
Zhang, YangCEE
Harris, Vincent G.ECE
Alshawabkeh, AkramCEE
Levine, HerbertPhysics/BioE
Slavov, NikolaiBioE
Bickmore, TimothyECE
Sternad, DagmarBiology/ECE
Grabowski, Jonathan H.CEE
Gupta, Surendra M.MIE
Elhamifar, EhsanECE
Stubbins, AronMES/Chemistry/CEE
Fang, QianqianBioE
Liu, YongminMIE/ECE
Abur, AliECE
Hughes, A. RandallCEE
Krioukov, DmitriECE
Lombardi, FabrizioECE
Caracoglia, LucaCEE
Intille, StephenECE
Wang, YanzhiECE
Basagni, StefanoECE
Hajjar, Jerome F.CEE
Dennerlein, Jack T.BioE
Ferris, Craig F.BioE
Bencherif, Sidi A.ChE
Sasani, MehrdadCEE
Lehman, BradECE
Erdoğmuş, DenizECE
Shefelbine, Sandra J.MIE
Melodia, TommasoECE
Mosallaei, HosseinECE
Dy, JenniferECE
Chen, QinCEE/MES
Chowdhury, KaushikECE
Bernal, DionisioCEE
Kirda, EnginKhoury/ECE
Stephens, Jennie C.CEE
Levendis, Yiannis A.MIE
Dai, GuohaoBioE
Sipahi, RifatMIE
Lin, YingziMIE
Ganguly, Auroop R.CEE
Mittal, SunilECE
Restuccia, FrancescoECE
Lin, XueECE
Lewis, Laura H.ChE
D’Oro, SalvatoreECE
Closas, PauECE

Related Faculty: Qianqian Fang, Guohao Dai

Related Departments:Bioengineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Mechanical & Industrial Engineering