BioE Faculty Niedre and Fang Receive Promotions

Main photo: Qianqian Fang and Mark Niedre

The Department of Bioengineering is pleased to announce our recent faculty promotions. These promotions are milestones in these professors’ careers and reflect not only each faculty member’s hard work but also their focus on providing an interdisciplinary education focused on student success. All promotions are effective starting the 2020-2021 academic year.

Faculty Promotions

Mark Niedre

Mark Niedre is promoted to full Professor. Additionally, he will continue to serve as the department’s Associate Chair for Research and Graduate Affairs. Professor Niedre’s research is focused on biomedical optics and non-invasive imaging, along with rare cell detection and tracking in the body, ultrafast time-domain diffuse optical imaging, image reconstruction, and biomedical signal processing.  Professor Niedre has been previously awarded the 2015 COE Faculty Fellow award, along with the 2015 Søren Buus Outstanding Research Award and the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center New Investigator Award. 

Qianqian Fang 

Qianqian Fang was promoted to Associate Professor and received tenure at Northeastern. Professor Fang is also affiliated with the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.  Professor Fang’s research areas include innovations in translational medical imaging devices to better diagnose cancers, along with low-cost point-of-care diagnostic tools for delivering life-saving medicines to the resource-poor regions, and high-performance computing tools to facilitate the development of the next-generation imaging methods. Professor Fang has been previously awarded the Leading Innovation in Reimagining Global Health and the Innovation Countdown 2030 Initiative awards and is a member of both OSA and The Optical Society of America. 

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