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Celebrating Co-op Employer Partnership with Morphic Therapeutic

Bells were ringing at the stock exchange in New York City for Northeastern co-op employer partner Morphic Therapeutic, where our engineering and science co-op students were afforded the unique experience to visit Wall Street and ring the bell for their IPO.

thank you cakeTo celebrate and recognize this big achievement as well as Northeastern’s partnership with them, the Bioengineering and Chemical Engineering co-op coordinator team traveled to Morphic Therapeutic in Waltham, MA.

Morphic has been affording Northeastern engineering and science students valuable co-op experiences over the past four years. The company began by hiring one Northeastern engineering student in 2016 and their program has now grown to eight students hired. During the visit, it was learned that co-op students account for 10% of Morphic’s workforce!

Students working at Morphic are exposed to an incredibly supportive culture that values innovation and drives the students to go above and beyond. Students are regularly given opportunities to explore areas within Morphic outside of their defined roles and are exposed to cutting-edge technology in multiple laboratories. The CSO at Morphic expressed his gratitude to the program and mentioned how valuable the students have been to their success.

The co-op team looks forward to the continued partnership with Morphic Therapeutic, an employer who has gone above and beyond in support of our students and the Northeastern Co-op Program.

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