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David Kaeli

COE Distinguished Professor, 
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Computer architecture; GPUs; heterogeneous computing; performance analysis; security, data privacy and encryption; hardware reliability and recovery; simulation; and workload characterization

Alain Karma

Affiliated Faculty, 
jointly appointed in Bioengineering & Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

computational modeling of cardiac arrhythmia mechanisms from cellular to organ scales including systems biology approaches
Hyeon Yu Kim

Hyeon Yu Kim

Assistant Professor, 
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Mechanobiology, tissue engineering, cardiovascular diseases, stem cells, organoids, 3D printing

Tali Konry

Affiliated Faculty, 

Single cell functional multi-omic analysis, Phenotypic drug profiling in droplet microfluidics for better targeting of drug-resistant tumors, Live single cell functional phenotyping and cell-cell communication in droplet nano-liter reactors
Abigail Koppes

Abigail N. Koppes

Associate Professor, 
Chemical Engineering

Bioelectric medicine, development of novel interventions and tissue engineered platforms for nerve regeneration and repair, body-on-a-chip for enteric-gut interactions
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Keti Koprencka

Administrative & Project Assistant,