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Jul 12, 2024

Cell Nuclear Force Probe Reveals Mechanomemory That May Impact Cell Memory and Health

BioE Professor Ning Wang published research in Cell Reports that demonstrates a process of mechanomemory, or response long after applied force has ceased, within a cell’s nucleus. This discovery prompts a prolonged period of activation of a protein complex responsible for gene expression, which can lead to making new proteins and potentially healthier cells.


Lei Wang

Jul 09, 2024

Developing Methods to Control Cell-State Transitions

BioE/COS Assistant Professor Lei Wang’s research on “Sensing and Guiding Cell-state Transitions by Using Genetically Encoded Endoribonuclease-mediated MicroRNA Sensors” was published in Nature Biomedical Engineering.


Jul 03, 2024

Improving the Smell of Composting

A team of bioengineering students are participating in the International Genetically Engineered Machine Foundation global competition that showcases synthetic biology projects. The iGEM student team is developing a solution that would make compost smell like mint and lavender by targeting the microbial process. They also recently received a PEAK Experience Award from Northeastern.


Jun 26, 2024

New AI Architecture Can Detect Breast Cancer With a Near-Perfect Accuracy Rate

BioE Assistant Research Professor Saeed Amal and his research team have developed a new AI architecture that has detected breast cancer with a 99.7% accuracy rate. His research was published in the journal Cancers. He has submitted an invention disclosure with the Center for Research Innovation on the idea. 


Jun 26, 2024

BioE PhD Student Earns Prestigious IBSA Foundation Doctoral Fellowship

Helna Mary Baby, a BioE PhD student, advised by BioE Associate Professor Ambika Bajpayee, is one of only six students worldwide to earn the prestigious IBSA Foundation for Scientific Research Doctoral Fellowship to continue her work on developing novel gene delivery system to treat osteoarthritis. Her project was selected from a group of 248 project entries from 47 countries.


Jun 05, 2024

Patent for Single-Molecule Protein Analysis

COS/BioE Professor Meni Wanunu received a patent to create a “Method and system for linearization and translocation of single protein molecules through nanopores.”


Jun 03, 2024

Oakes Recognized by ASME in Top 25 Early Career Professionals

American Society of Mechanical Engineers recognized BioE Associate Professor Jessica Oakes on the Watch List of top 25 early career professionals. Her ASME magazine profile highlighted her work “What happens when we inhale things?” with applications from wildfire smoke to e-cigarettes.


May 23, 2024

Exploring mRNA Modifications and Gene Expression at Inaugural RNA Symposium

BioE Assistant Professor Sara Rouhanifard presented her research on how mRNA modifications regulate gene expression at the inaugural Center for RNA Molecular Biology symposium at Penn State.


May 22, 2024

Bioengineering PhD Develops and Commercializes Breakthrough MRI Technology

Codi Gharagouzloo, PhD’16, bioengineering, co-founded Imaginostics, commercializing a novel technology called QUTE-CE MRI, which is a platform technology for non-invasive imaging that transforms any MRI machine into a powerful quantitative diagnostic tool. Imaginostics was recognized as a finalist among more than 4,500 participants of Hello Tomorrow, a prestigious competition for deep tech startups.


May 09, 2024

Knight-Hennessy Scholarship Recipient Strives To Raise Malaria Awareness

Kritika Singh, E’20, bioengineering, has been awarded the Knight-Hennessy Scholarship, which will enable her to pursue a doctor of medicine degree at Stanford University. She received the Rhodes Scholarship in 2020.