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Dec 03, 2021

Improving Drug Delivery to Less Receptive Tissues

BioE Assistant Professor Ambika Bajpayee was awarded a $630K NSF CAREER grant for “Developing electrically charged biomaterials for targeted drug delivery to negatively charged complex tissue environments.” Her research will investigate how to improve drug delivery in tissues within the human body that are not receptive to systemic or local drug delivery methods due to their […]


Rodrigo Blanco Bravo

Dec 02, 2021

Desire for Well-Rounded and Global Experiences Leads to Fulbright Nomination

Some people spend their entire lives living, studying and working in the same city or town. For Rodrigo Blanco Bravo, E’22, bioengineering, this was not an option. “I wanted to understand how the rest of the nation works,” Blanco Bravo says. “It was important for me to get out and experience how life works.” Inspired […]


Nov 24, 2021

Device for Collagenous Tissue Repair

BioE Professor Jeffrey Ruberti was awarded a patent for a “Collagenous tissue repair device.”


Nov 18, 2021

Co-op Working at Moderna is Improving Vaccine Manufacturing Methods

Bioengineering student Ella Strzegowski, E’23, is spending her co-op working at Moderna on quality control measures to examine the molecules in the messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccine solution.


Nov 03, 2021

Students Receive Oral Presentation Awards at ASPB Annual Meeting

Students advised by ChE/COS Associate Professor Carolyn Lee-Parsons received awards for their oral presentations at the Northeast American Society of Plant Biologists Annual Meeting. Lauren Cole, PhD’21, BioE:  1st place in the graduate category Krystyna Traverse, PhD’23, ChE:  3rd place in the graduate category Amanda Dee, E’22, BioE:  3rd place in the undergraduate category

Bioengineering, Chemical Engineering

Nov 02, 2021

Research from the Slavov Laboratory published in Nature Protocols

Research from the laboratory of BioE Associate Professor and Allen Distinguished Investigator Nikolai Slavov has been published as “Multiplexed single-cell proteomics using SCoPE2” in Nature Protocols.  


Nov 02, 2021

Slavov Research Featured on Cover of C&EN

BioE Associate Professor and Allen Distinguished Investigator Nikolai Slavov’s research on “Individual cells’ proteins vary. Single-cell proteomics can now show how” was featured on the cover of the C&EN journal. In Brief Measurements of cell mixtures can hide differences between cells that might be important in biology or disease studies. Researchers have long had tools […]


Kritika Singh and Yasemin Cole

Oct 27, 2021

BioE Alumna Published and Honored for Community Service and Leadership

Bioengineering alumna Kritika Singh, E’20, who was selected as a Rhodes Scholar and National Institutes of Health Oxford-Cambridge (NIH OxCam) Scholar before she graduated, has had her work on “Bright and stable luminescent probes for target engagement profiling in live cells” featured on the cover of Nature Chemical Biology. Singh was also awarded the 2021 […]


Mona Minkara talks to employees at British transportation station.

Oct 22, 2021

Dr. Mona Minkara creates docu-series to share the global perceptions of disabilities through travel

BioE Assistant Professor Mona Minkara was featured by WCVB in the article “Dr. Mona Minkara creates docu-series to share the global perceptions of disabilities through travel” for her creation of the documentary “Planes, Trains, & Canes.”


Mona Minkara floats weightless in zero gravity experience.

Oct 22, 2021

Making Space Accessible to All

BioE Assistant Professor Mona Minkara participated in a zero-gravity flight with a crew of 12 ambassadors with mobility, vision, and hearing disabilities to test how spacesuits and vessels can be made more accessible.