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Feb 01, 2024

Global Co-op Gives Bioengineering Researcher Hope for Equitable Health Care

As she begins her pursuit of a PhD, Ashka Patel, E’24, hopes to use what she has learned on co-op in Boston and beyond to create a more innovative and equitable health care system.


Dec 21, 2023

Moving Toward a Future in Bioengineering Research

By succeeding academically, thriving in two co-ops, participating in student groups, and working with a mentor, Hannah Kim, E’24, bioengineering, is set to pursue an advanced degree with a research focus on tissue mechanics and tissue biology.


Nov 13, 2023

Searching for a Cure to Cancer on Co-op

The three co-op experiences and capstone project of Jessica Chen, E’24, bioengineering, has solidified a love for cell culture and the cellular parts of bioengineering. She had co-ops at Gentuity, a medical device company; Ensoma, a biotech company; and through the CaNCURE program at Northeastern, that places undergraduate students in cancer nanomedicine positions in Boston. […]


Nov 03, 2023

Bioengineering Education and Experiences for a Career in Cancer Research

Luke DeMarco, E’24, bioengineering, is interested in a career in cancer research. He’s had two co-ops in the area of immunotherapy and cancer research, including at biotech startup Catamaran Bio and at Northeastern conducting research in a faculty member’s lab. He also went on a Dialogue of Civilizations to Italy and has applied for a […]


Oct 26, 2023

A Culture of Ambition and Determination

With a goal of earning a PhD, Melissa Scanlon, E’24, bioengineering and biochemistry, has had three research co-ops in the areas of cell biology and cellular engineering, and also studied abroad for semester at Mahidol University in Thailand. She feels the culture of the student body at Northeastern is very determined and ambitious and that is something that’s encouraged and motivated her.


Oct 13, 2023

PhD Spotlight: Suzanne Stasiak, PhD’23, Bioengineering

Suzanne Stasiak earned a PhD in bioengineering with a research focus on airway smooth muscle mechanics and interactions with the extracellular matrix in the context of understanding the development of asthma. 


Jun 06, 2023

Traveling the World to Connect Biology, Computing, and Data

Andrea Chávez Muñoz, E’24, bioengineering, is focusing her future on computational bioengineering, with co-op and internship experiences everywhere from Boston to Switzerland to her home in Lima, Peru.


Apr 18, 2023

Alumni Spotlight: Alex Silverman, MS’21

Like many, Alexandra Silverman was first introduced to science in middle school in the form of a frog dissection. However, instead of the impending nausea many experience at the sight of internal organs, Silverman became enraptured by the beauty and intricacy of science.