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Mansoor Amiji

University Distinguished Professor, 
jointly appointed in Pharmaceutical Sciences & Chemical Engineering

Polymeric biomaterials, drug delivery systems, nanomedical technologies

Rouzbeh Amini

Associate Professor, 
jointly appointed in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering & Bioengineering

Biomechanics, mechanobiology, biotransport

Javier Apfeld

Affiliated Faculty, 

Studies how protein networks transmit oxidative information in health and with aging in a simple model organism, the nematode C. elegans.

Ian Armstrong

Lab Operationss & Safety Manager, 

Anand Asthagiri

Associate Professor, 

cell and tissue engineering, quantitative principles of cancer cell biology and developmental biology

Joseph Ayers

Affiliated Faculty, 
jointly appointed in Bioengineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering & Electrical and Computer Engineering

Development of underwater robots for civil infrastructure and explosive sensing; neurophysiology and behavior biomimetics

Ambika Bajpayee

Assistant Professor, 

drug delivery; bio-electrostatics; transport phenomena in biological systems; biomechanics; osteoarthritis

Sumner Barenberg

Professor of the Practice, 

Design Medical Implants; Medical Implant Due Diligence; Biomaterials, Biopolymers, Biomemetics, Polymer Physics; Biodegradation; Interfacial Phenomena, Chemotaxis, Accelerated Aging

Anxhela Becolli

Administrative Access Assistant, 

Chiara Bellini

Assistant Professor, 

Diseases of the cardiovascular system; effects of cellmediated growth and remodeling processes on tissue and organ mechanics

Sidi A. Bencherif

Assistant Professor, 
Chemical Engineering

Polymer chemistry and characterization, new approaches to biomaterials design, injectable 3D polymer scaffolds, tissue engineering (e.g. liver, skin), controlled delivery of drugs/cells, biomaterial-based cancer immunotherapies.

Penny Beuning

Affiliated Faculty, 

chemical biology and biotechnology; DNA replication and repair; enzyme function

Dana Brooks

Research Professor, 
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Biomedical signal and image processing; medical imaging; statistical signal processing; inverse problems; electrocardiography; bio-optical imaging; magnetic resonance imaging; transcranial neuromodulation; estimation of protein conformations from Xray scattering; regularization; optimization

Ahmed Busnaina

WL Smith Chair and University Distinguished Professor, 
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Nanomanufacturing, nano and microscale printing of sensors and electronics, nano and micro control, particulate and chemical defects in semiconductor manufacturing, high rate nanomanufacturing, NEMS devices and nanomaterials based nanoelectronics

Isen Calderon

Postdoctoral Research Associate, 

Rebecca L. Carrier

Professor & Associate Chair of Research, 
Chemical Engineering

intestinal tissue engineering, retinal regenerative medicine, oral drug delivery

Paul Champion

Affiliated Faculty, 

Experimental Biological Physics, inelastic light scattering, ultrafast pump-probe laser spectroscopy

Elizabeth Chesley

Program Coordinator, 

Samuel Chung

Assistant Professor, 

brain cell regeneration, automated microscopy and laser surgery, user-friendly and low-cost fluorescence microscopy

Heather Clark

jointly appointed in Bioengineering & Chemistry and Chemical Biology

Optical nanosensors for biological analysis

Esther Cohen

Business Manager, 

Sally Conant

Associate Co-op Coordinator, 
Global Engineering Co-op

Erin J. Cram

Affiliated Faculty, 

Cell migration and mechanotransduction in C. elegans, improving production of drug compounds by medicinal plants