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Lee Makowski

Lee Makowski

Professor and Chair, 
jointly appointed in Bioengineering & Chemistry and Chemical Biology

Image and signal processing as applied to biophysical data designed to answer fundamental questions about the molecular basis of living systems, and progression of Alzheimer's Disease

Waleed Meleis

Vice Provost for Graduate Education, 
Office of the Provost

Combinatorial optimization, function approximation for large-scale machine learning, platforms for large-scale social experimentation, assistive technology

Caroline Milligan

Senior Student Services and Data Associate, 
Cooperative Education

Mona Minkara

Mona Minkara

Assistant Professor, 

Pulmonary surfactant (PS), Surfactant immunoproteins, Innate immune response, Computational methods, Computational modeling, Molecular Dynamics, Monte Carlo Simulations, Interfacial Phenomena, Biological interfaces, Therapeutics, Molecular Biophysics, Computational chemistry, Bioengineering, STEM Accessibility
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Miguel Mireles Nunez

Associate Research Scientist, 

Lorraine Mountain

Assistant Dean & Senior Co-op Coordinator, 
Cooperative Education

Departmental Programs: Bioengineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Data Analytics, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Energy Systems, Engineering Management, Engineering Public Policy, Environmental Engineering, Mechanical & Industrial Engineering, Operations Research, Robotics, and Sustainable Building Systems.