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Aug 25, 2017

Engineering for People

Kritika Singh, BS, Bioengineering, 2020—As a high school sophomore in Alexandria, Virginia, Kritika Singh, E’20, bioengineering, had an experience that changed the course of her life. A student at the prestigious Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, Singh applied for and received a summer internship in Boston, where she worked for Acetylon Pharmaceuticals. […]


Jul 19, 2017

No Limits

Erin Provost, BS Bioengineering, 2019—Third-year bioengineering student Erin Provost (E’19) has been an avid runner since fifth grade, and she’s always had an interest in the workings of the human body. In her freshman year of high school, she acquired an interest in helping people with disabilities when she volunteered to help at a local […]


female student in red dress smiling outside in front of trees and building

Mar 01, 2017

ISPE: Making the Most of Biotech in Boston

Written by Gabrielle Rabadam, a third year Chemical Engineering student. About me Gabrielle Rabadam is a 3rd year Chemical Engineering student pursuing a minor in English. Beginning her research career in high school at the University of Arizona, she has since channeled that passion into independent research on localized drug delivery devices and taken full […]

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Feb 15, 2017

GWISE: Graduate Women Supporting Each Other

Written by Michelle Stolzoff, a fourth year PhD student in Bioengineering. About Me Michelle Stolzoff is a fourth year PhD student in Bioengineering, and does her research with the Webster Nanomedine Lab in Chemical Engineering. She first got involved with GWISE after their presentation at grad orientation, starting as Fundraising Chair, and has since led the […]


Aug 01, 2014

Bioengineering a Better Treatment

David Walsh, PhD, Bioengineering, 2016—Every two months, North­eastern bio­engi­neering grad­uate stu­dent David Walsh’s 91-​​year-​​old grand­mother goes to the doctor to receive a drug injec­tion into her eyes. She has wet age-​​related mac­ular degen­er­a­tion. There is no cure, only this inva­sive, recur­ring treatment. To solve this problem, Walsh is devel­oping a device that will pro­vide valu­able […]