BioE Student Wins Thermo Fisher Antibody Scholarship

Bioengineering student Kritika Singh, E'21, won a $10K Thermo Fisher Antibody Scholarship. This scholarship was awarded based on her research, academics, and letters of recommendations.

From high school to the present, Kritika has immersed herself in research at impressive institutions, including Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital. She brings enthusiasm and curiosity to every task, pushing herself to problem-solve and expand her expertise. “She is the real deal: highly intelligent, exceptionally hard-working, dedicated, and a team player,” one advisor says. In the lab, Kritika quickly masters techniques and produces publication-quality results. At MGH, for example, she tackled a complex project that required knowledge of several fields, including organic synthesis and computational biology, and she overcame unexpected challenges to perform at an advanced level. Kritika plans to earn a PhD and conduct research at the nexus of chemical biology and engineering to develop innovative therapies for patients.

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