Congratulations RISE:2021 Winners

Congratulations to our engineering students who won awards at the RISE:2021 Research, Innovation and Scholarship Expo!



Bacterial Nano-Biofactories: Harnessing the Power of Nature to Arm Nanometric Trojan Horses
Presenter(s): Linh Truong, BS/MS’21, Chemical Engineering; Ada Vernet-Crua, PhD’22, Chemical Engineering
Faculty Mentor: Thomas Webster, COE, Chemical Engineering


Low-Cost ECG Electrodes for Local Manufacture in Ethiopia
Presenter(s): Andrew Lopreiato, COE’23, Mechanical Engineering; Caitlyn Tov, COE’22, Bioengineering
Faculty Mentor: Joshua Hertz, COE, Bioengineering


Engineering and Technology, Undergraduate

The Solvent-Free Solution to Redox Flow Batteries
Presenter(s): Christopher Owen, COE’22, Chemical Engineering
Faculty Mentor: Joshua Gallaway, COE, Chemical Engineering

Computer and Information Science, Graduate

Husky Sort
Presenter(s): Sai Vineeth Kandappa Reddi Gari, MS’21, Information Systems
Faculty Mentor: Robin Hillyard, COE, Computer Science; Alumni Co-Presenter, Yunlu Liaozheng, MS’20, Computer System Engineering

Engineering and Technology, Graduate

Antibacterial and Cytotoxicity Analysis of Tellurium-Based Nanocomposites
Presenter(s): Ada Vernet-Crua, PhD’22, Chemical Engineering
Faculty Mentor: Rebecca Willits, COE, Chemical Engineering

Interdisciplinary Topics, Centers, and Institutes; Graduate

Chrysalis: Adaptive Physical Rehabilitation in Extended Reality (XR)
Presenter(s): Haleigh Whitlock, MS’21, Bioengineering; Nathan Miner, MS’21, Game Design; Jason Miller, MS’21, Computer Science; Semaa Amin, MS’21, Computer Science; Ningyu Ding, MS’21, Data Analytics Engineering; Tanmay Alsi, MS’21, Data Analytics Engineering; Rachelle Angeli Marañon, MS’21, Computer Science; Wen Gu, MS’21, Computer Science
Faculty Mentor: Casper Harteveld, CAMD, Art and Design

Social Sciences, Business, and Law; Graduate

Reforming the Referral Process: Increasing Diversity for Tech Startups
Presenter(s): [MGEN Assistant Cooperative Education Coordinator] Kelsey Kaul, EdD’22, Education
Faculty Mentor: Shannon Alpert, CPS, Education


COE Solutions, Undergraduate

The Effect of Input Device on a Novel Digital Version of the Trail Making Test
Presenter(s): Garrit Strenge, COE’24, Computer Engineering/Computer Science; Ethan Wong, COS’24, Biology; Tyler Greffrath, DPT’22, Physical Therapy; Nathaniel Pinkes Bouvé’21/MPH’21, Health Science/Public Health; Caitlyn Celestino, DPT’22, Physical Therapy
Faculty Mentor: Eugene Tunik, Bouvé, Physical Therapy/Movement/Rehabilitation Sciences; Misha Pavel, Khoury/Bouvé, Computer Science/Health Sciences; Holly Jimison, Khoury/Bouvé, Computer Science/Health Sciences; Mathew Yarossi, Bouvé, Physical Therapy/Movement/Rehabilitation Sciences

COE Solutions, Undergraduate

Alleviating Nighttime Symptoms Associated with Nasal Cannula Use
Presenter(s): Antony Fuleihan, COE’21, Mechanical Engineering; Geoffrey Lin, COE’21, Mechanical Engineering
Faculty Mentor: Carol Livermore, COE, Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

COE Solutions, Undergraduate

Modelling Particle Accumulation in the Endothelial Glycocalyx of the Blood-Brain Barrier
Presenter(s): Daniel Tento, COE’22, Chemical Engineering
Faculty Mentor: Andrew Jones, COE, Chemical Engineering

COE Solutions, Graduate

Reinventing the Total Hip Implant for an Aging Population
Presenter(s): Aditya Morey, MS’21, Mechanical Engineering
Faculty Mentor: Sumner Barenberg, COE, Bioengineering

COE Solutions, Graduate

Detecting Labor Violation Among Employers of Migrant Workers: Analyses of H2A Applications
Presenter(s): Arezoo Jafari, PhD’23, Industrial Engineering; Maggie Clark, COE’24, Industrial Engineering; Elaine Klatt, COE’22, Industrial Engineering
Faculty Mentor: Kayse Maass, COE, Mechanical & Industrial Engineering; Shawn Bhimani, DMSB, Supply Chain Management; Amy Farrell, CSSH, Criminology & Criminal Justice

Illuminating Complex Problems, Undergraduate

Think Like a Scientist: An Innovative Approach to Early STEM Education
Presenter(s): Nuria Romero, COS’21, Cell and Molecular Biology; Alexandra Silverman, COE’21, Bioengineering; Hannah Wisner, COS’23, Biology
Faculty Mentor: Jennifer Lieb, Undergraduate Research and Fellowships


Interdisciplinary Topics, Centers, and Institutes

Ancient Stoic Techniques and Mental Health Today
Presenter(s): Kristie Chan, Office of the Provost’24, Undeclared; Sheridan Lasher, CSSH’22, Philosophy, Politics, and Economics; Emma Andrews, CSSH’22, Philosophy, Politics, and Economics; Benjamin Gould CSSH’21/MPP’22, Philosophy, Politics, and Economics/Public Policy; Jack Hoover, COE’23, Bioengineering; Edith Olmsted, CSSH’21, Philosophy, Politics, and Economics; Alisha Karuvannur-Sandhu, CSSH’23, Philosophy
Faculty Mentor: Jacob Stump, CSSH, Philosophy and Religion

Engineering and Technology

Athelas: Autonomous Vital-Measuring Using Biological Sensors and Vision Based Robotics
Presenter(s): Unnas Hussain, COE’21, Computer Engineering/Computer Science; John Allen, COE’21, Electrical Engineering; Akhil Bagul, COE’21, Computer Engineering/Computer Science; Kaylin Devchand, COE’21, Computer Engineering/Computer Science; Christian Hardy, COE’21, Electrical Engineering
Faculty Mentor: Waleed Meleis, COE, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Related Departments:Bioengineering, Chemical Engineering, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Mechanical & Industrial Engineering, Multidisciplinary Masters (IT Areas)