FY12 TIER 1 Award Recipients

28 COE faculty and affiliates were recipients of FY12 TIER 1 Interdisciplinary Research Seed Grants for 18 different research projects.

  1. Probing the Intersection of Pleasure and Pain: An Electrophysiology and fMRI Analysis of the Prefrontal Cortex Circuitry
    Craig Ferris (Psych), Robert Sikes (PT/SUNY Med), Barbara Waszczak (Pharm Sci)
  2. Graphene and Carbon Nanotube Heterostructures for Advanced Photodetection and Photovoltaics
    Swastik Kar (Phys), Yung J. Jung (MIE)
  3. Assessment of Effects of Central Fatigue on Cognitive, Motor, and Sensory Function
    Dagmar Sternad (Bio & ECE), Therese O’Neil-Pirozzi (Speech), Ying-Yee Kong (Speech), Deniz Erdogmus (ECE)
  4. Self-assembly of a Biological Clock
    Fred Davis (Bio), Ferdi Hellweger (CEE)
  5. Visualizing Speech Melody to Improve Second Language Expressive Fluency in Adolescents
    Rupal Patel (Speech), Isabel Meirelles (Communication Design), Sheelah Sweeny (Educ )
  6. Fluorescent Sensors for Visualizing Dynamics in Dendritic Spines
    Heather Clark (Pharm Sci)
  7. Shortfall – A Computer Game to Teach Sustainability in Engineering and Business
    Jackie Isaacs (MIE), Tom Cullinane (STE), Brian Sullivan (Art)
  8. Exploiting Innate Mucosal Immunity for Acute, Safe and Facile Response to Biowarfare
    Rebecca Carrier (CE), Jeff Ruberti (MIE), Dave Budil (Chem)
  9. Interdisciplinary Studies to Explore the Viability of Pulmonary Surfactant as a Drug Delivery System for the Lung
    Andrew Gouldstone (MIE), Rebecca Carrier (CE)
  10. Solid-Mechanics Approach to Micro-organism Adhesion-Aggregation-Transportation
    Kai-tak Wan (MIE), April Gu (CEE), Sinan Muftu (MIE)
  11. Water Quality Improvement: Self-powered Hydrogen Production, Donor Delivery and Monitoring System for Bio-remediation
    April Gu (CEE), Sanjeev Mukerjee (Chem), Akram Alshawabkeh (CEE), Edgar Goluch (CE), Kim Lewis (Bio)
  12. Theoretical Study of the Vibration of Inclined Stays in Cable Stayed Bridges
    Luca Caracoglia (CEE), Bernardo Barbiellini (Phys)
  13. Exploiting Regenerative Capacity of Amphibian Matrix for Retinal Regeneration
    Rebecca Carrier (CE), Marina Hincapi (BARN)
  14. Forming an Interdisciplinary Team to Investigate Science of Cold Spray
    Sinan Muftu (MIE), Andrew Gouldstone (MIE), Dave Kaeli (ECE)
  15. Next Generation Capture and Release Coatings for Microfluidic Separation of Stem Cell
    Shashi Murthy (CE), Sunny Zhou (Chem)
  16. Molecular Mechanisms of DNA Polymerase Management
    Mark Williams (Phys), Penny Beuning (Chem)
  17. Using Computer Games to Diffuse Suitable Innovations
    Ann McDonald (Art), Rosanna Garcia (CBA), Mark Sivak (MIE)
  18. Improving Risk Prediction for Sudden Cardiac Death through Multiscale Computational Modeling of Microvolt T-Wave Alternans
    Dana Brooks (ECE), Alain Karma (Phys)

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Related Departments:Bioengineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Mechanical & Industrial Engineering