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FY20 TIER 1 Award Recipients

25 COE faculty and affiliates were recipients of FY20 TIER 1 Interdisciplinary Research Seed Grants for 18 different projects representing up to $900K dollars of investment in research.

  1. Physics-Informed Deep Learning for High-Resolution Climate Extremes Modeling
    Rose Yu (Computer Science), Auroop Ganguly (Civil & Environmental Engineering)
  2. Video Capture of CEO Behavior to Predict Firm Performance
    John Bai (Finance), Rajesh Aggarwal (Finance), Raymond Fu (Electrical & Computer Engineering, Computer Science)
  3. Augmented Product Design for Personalized Manufacturing
    Mohsen Moghaddam (Mechanical & Industrial Engineering), Lu Wang (Computer Science)
  4. Probing Opportunistic Pathogen Dynamics in the Drinking Water Microbiome
    Ameet Pinto (Civil & Environmental Engineering), Aron Stubbins (Marine & Environmental Sciences/Chemistry/Civil & Environmental Engineering), Jeffrey Agar (Chemistry/Pharmaceutical Sciences)
  5. Mentored Award: Engineering Novel Analgesics Inspired from the Gut Microbiome
    Jiahe Li (Bioengineering), Kim Lewis (Biology)
  6. Mentored award: Integrated tools to visualize and characterize modified RNAs in the brain
    Sara Rouhanifard (Bioengineering), Meni Wanunu (Physics)
  7. Application of Network Analyses and Machine/Deep Learning Approaches to Modern, Multi-omic Data
    Steven Vollmer (Biology), Amy Mueller (Civil & Environmental Engineering/Marine & Environmental Sciences), Samuel Scarpino (Marine & Environmental Sciences/Physics
  8. Employer-based approaches for targeting the opioid crisis in the construction industry
    Jack Dennerlein (Physical Therapy), Christina Lee (Applied Psychology)
  9. Mu-Opioid and CB1 receptor signaling interactions in pain perception
    Leigh Plant (Pharmaceutical Sciences), Ryan Koppes (Chemical Engineering)
  10. Physics-encoded Sparsity-promoted Deep Learning for Data-driven Discovery of Nonlinear Governing Laws
    Hao Sun (Civil & Environmental Engineering), Ting Zhou (Mathematics)
  11. Experiment-Theory feedback loop to rationally design high-performance organic aqueous flow batteries
    Steven Lopez (Chemistry), Hongli Zhu (Mechanical & Industrial Engineering)
  12. Mentored Award: Urban Form Impact: Humans, Environments, Equity
    Sara Jensen Carr (Architecture), Jane Cephas (Architecture), Geoff Boeing (Public Policy & Urban Affairs), Peter Furth (Civil & Environmental Engineering), Sharon Harlan (Health Sciences/Sociology & Anthropology)
  13. Cognitive construals of urban waterways: Enhancing environmental awareness to promote resilience
    Daniel Adams (Architecture), John Coley (Psychology), Brian Helmuth (Marine & Environmental Sciences/Public Policy & Urban Affairs)
  14. Plants, microbes, and their interactions as determinants of carbon processing
    Jennifer Bowen (Marine & Environmental Sciences), Aron Stubbins (Marine & Environmental Sciences/Chemistry/Civil & Environmental Engineering), Randall Hughes (Marine & Environmental Sciences)
  15. Extracellular determinants of airway hyper-reactivity in Asthma
    Hari Parameswaran (Bioengineering), Erin Cram (Biology)
  16. High-throughput microscopy platform for accelerating regeneration neuroscience
    Samuel Chung (Bioengineering), Armen Stepanyants (Physics)
  17. Modeling and Evaluation of Interdependencies in Platform-based Systems
    Babak Heydari (Mechanical & Industrial Engineering), Rashmi Dyal-Chand (Law), Yakov Bart (Marketing), Hilary Robinson (Law/Sociology & Anthropology), Daniel O’Brien (Public Policy & Urban Affairs/Criminology & Criminal Justice)
  18. Machine Learning Enabled Bottom Up Multiscale Computational Modeling of Ceramic Matrix Composites Under Extreme Conditions
    Yang Liu (Mechanical & Industrial Engineering), Alain Karma (Physics), Deniz Erdogmus (Electrical & Computer Engineering)

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