Patent for Single-Molecule Protein Analysis

COS/BioE Professor Meni Wanunu received a patent to create a “Method and system for linearization and translocation of single protein molecules through nanopores.”

Abstract Source: USPTO

A method and system for performing single molecule proteomics utilizing a nanopore sensor to measure an electronic signature of protein or peptide being transported through the nanopore from a first chamber to a second chamber. The protein’s electronic signature is a function of ionic current over time. The method and system utilizing an agent, such as guanidinium chloride, to bind to the nanopore’s interior and provide an electroosmotic force within the nanopore. The electroosmotic force, in some embodiments, enables stretching and unfolding of the protein during transport through the nanopore. The agent may also or alternatively induce the unfolding of the protein before transport through the nanopore and/or provide force moving the protein through the nanopore.

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