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Apr 21, 2022

DoD Discovery Award to Develop Human Vascular Malformation Model From iPSCs

BioE Associate Professor Guohao Dai received a $314K Discovery Award from the Department of Defense for “Human iPSCs derived 3D perfused model of vascular malformation”.


Research being done in EMERL

Apr 14, 2022

Using Spark Fund Award for Active Human Collagen to Promote Rapid Healing

BioE Professor Jeffrey Ruberti was able to use the Spark Funds he received earlier this year to help commercialize his methods to produce active human collagen.


Guohao Dai, Abby Koppes, Ryan Koppes

Apr 04, 2022

$2M NASA Grant To Build Long Lasting Neurovascular Model

BioE Associate Professor Guohao Dai, ChE Associate Professor Abigail Koppes, and ChE Assistant Professor Ryan Koppes received a $2M grant from NASA titled “Bioengineer Long-lasting 3D Neurovascular Microphysiological System to Model Chronic Inflammation-mediated Neurodegeneration”.

Bioengineering, Chemical Engineering

Mark Niedre and Chiara Bellini

Mar 07, 2022

Research to Help Unlock the Mystery of How Cancer Spreads

Bioengineering Professor Mark Niedre and Assistant Professor Chiara Bellini received a 5-year, $2.7M grant titled “Continuous, Non-Invasive Optical Monitoring of Circulating Tumor Cell-Mediated Metastasis in Awake Mice” from the National Cancer Institute and National Institutes of Health. The project will develop a new instrument (“w-DiFC”) for optically detecting and counting rare circulating tumor cells continuously and non-invasively in awake, freely-moving mice.


Jessica Oakes and Chiara Bellini

Feb 23, 2022

$3.4M NIH ONES Award to Study the Impact of Wildfire Smoke on Human Health

BioE Assistant Professors Jessica Oakes and Chiara Bellini were awarded a 5-year, $3.4M NIH grant for “Cardiopulmonary Risk Assessment from Smoke Exposure at the Wildland Urban Interface.”


Feb 17, 2022

Method to Detect and Locate Small Tumors

BioE Associate Professor Qianqian Fang was awarded a patent for designing a “Method to localize small and high contrast inclusions in ill-posed model-based imaging modalities.”


Feb 04, 2022

Announcing Spring 2022 PEAK Experiences Awardees

Several engineering students and science students mentored by COE faculty are recipients of Northeastern’s Spring 2022 PEAK Experiences Awards.

Bioengineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Sara Rouhanifard and Meni Wanunu

Jan 28, 2022

Measuring Viral Concentrations and Infectivity

BioE Assistant Professor Sara Rouhanifard and Affiliated Faculty Meni Wanunu were awarded a $250K PFI-TT NSF grant for “Developing an integrated platform for high accuracy measurements of viral particle count and infectious titer.”